The Recital 2017 - Larne, Greenisland & Whitehead Branches

12 May 2017Friday 19:00
Holy Trinity Woodburn
Our annual spring production with our Larne, Greenisland & Whitehead branches

Event Information

Our staff has already started prep for this production at all our regular branches. If you are new to Uplift and have never taken part in our annual spring show, let me explain what happens at ‘The Recital”. As a way to showcase what our students do each week when they gather at Uplift, they work along with our staff to put together performance pieces to show family and friends. There will be dances they have learned during the year, songs they love to perform or acting pieces they have studied in Stagecraft.

We understand that May can be a difficult time of the year especially for our older students with exams and that is why we have started now to make sure we are not overloading our members and they can still attend class and use the practices as ways to relax and re-charge.

 Tickets for this event will be on sale through our ‘Eventbrite’ page. Tickets are £6 per person and please note there will be an additional process fee for booking online. Download the app to store and download future tickets. You can scan tickets in by smart phone, which mean paperless tickets.

As rehearsals are during normal branch time, it is essential that students attendance classes as much as possible to make staging and rehearsals easier for the members and instructors. We know Easter will be coming up soon and people have short breaks booked, but please try your best not to miss many classes.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Many thanks and God bless

The Uplift Team

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